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Category: PPP Loan Fraud Investigation

Results of Recent PPP Sentencing | Heath Hyde

Results of The Recent PPP Sentencing

Decisions of The Recent PPP Sentencing PPP Sentencing: The majority of Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and EIDL loan fraud sentences handed down by federal judges to date have included prison

Rejecting Loan Fraud Using PPP Lapses | Heath Hyde

Rejecting Loan Fraud Using PPP Lapses

Lenders can mitigate loan fraud application risks in a variety of ways including analyzing PPP Lapses. Pressure exposes vulnerabilities. That concept became a fact when the federal government launched the

Concerns for Lenders Who Made PPP Loans During Coronavirus | Heath Hyde

PPP Loans during COVID: Concerns for Lenders

In 2022, there are concerns for lenders who made PPP loans during coronavirus. This article will discuss about the background, fraud cases, protection acts, and concerns for lenders. Key Takeaways