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Heath Hyde | Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
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Heath Hyde, P.C.
Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Counsel in Texas

Heath Hyde - Federal Criminal Defense Attorney 2022 Spot

Heath Hyde founded his firm for one reason: to help clients who are under federal investigation or charged with a federal crime reclaim their lives. He has dedicated his legal career to this task and has represented thousands of clients through his efforts. He is known for aggressively litigating on behalf of his clients to achieve a prompt resolution of their case with minimum risk of losing freedom, livelihood and assets.

Using advanced trial presentation strategies, Heath Hyde is very effective at educating and persuading the government and juries of the merits of his clients’ case. Heath Hyde is also closely connected with a team of criminal law specialists that can handle any criminal issue throughout the United States-no matter the case size.

In fact, the name “Heath” comes from a deep-rooted English heritage of an open tract of land representing “ultimate freedom” or a “heath.” That’s just the way you will feel as Heath’s client and the way a jury or judge feels when rendering favorable verdicts in cases tried by Heath; solid and open freedom through articulate persuasion.

The Heath Hyde Law Firm has obtained hundreds of victories in complex criminal litigation in state and federal courts across Texas, including Not Guilty verdicts by jury acquittals, directed verdicts of Not Guilty, and both conditional and unconditional dismissals. We have successfully disposed of many more cases quietly and out of the sight of the public. Learn more about our Results.

Heath Hyde, P.C.
Trusted Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas

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Heath Hyde Story

Heath Hyde grew up in East Texas on a ranch. A 5th generation rancher, Heath has never been one to run from a challenge. He understands the meaning of hard work, and above all, the meaning of being prepared.

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Experienced & Dedicated

Heath has proudly represented clients in the complex and often misunderstood 34 arena of criminal law for more than 30 years, frequently taking on cases that others have deemed too serious or even hopeless.

Heath Hyde has learned from years of experience that allegations appearing hopeless are often based on false statements, incomplete investigative work or, even worse, less than honorable law enforcement officials.

He believes that each and every person is innocent until proven guilty and each person has a right to a fair trial and excellent legal representation. Heath fights aggressively for each and every one of his clients by using his knowledge, experience, technology and compassion.

Driven by a commitment to justice and a passion for civil rights, Heath Hyde began his legal journey as law clerk to U.S. Attorney James A. Rolfe.  Heath was admitted to the Texas bar and became an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County, TX. He has since successfully fought and tried over 350 Federal and state jury trials of criminal cases.

Heath enjoys an unprecedented 90% trial success rate. Heath has handled over 100 murder trials and is one of the most experienced Medicare Fraud, Embezzlement, and Federal Drug Conspiracy Attorneys in the U.S. He believes in the Constitution of the United States and has fought against the government his entire career after leaving the District Attorney’s office.

Recognition & Connection

He believes there is a significant philosophical difference between attorneys who have made careers as prosecutors, putting people in prison, and those who passionately believe in defending the accused.

As a result, Heath has earned the prestigious top 100 trial lawyers in the United States designation and was named a “Rising Star’ by Dallas D Magazine during 2009-2010.

Heath receives the highest possible peer ratings in Martindale-Hubbell. Heath’s passion for the accused and willingness to tirelessly fight for the rights of the accused of serious crimes, with often no one at their side but their committed criminal defense lawyer. Heath Hyde’s clients feel safe, well represented and confident they can overcome their charges.

Heath leads a group of smart and talented legal professionals, including paralegals, investigators, and forensic experts. Heath and his team are committed to continued excellence in the challenging state and federal criminal justice arena. Heath and his team have earned a reputation throughout the United States for their integrity, drive, and remarkable history of successful outcomes in very difficult cases.

Why Hire Heath Hyde?

Top Rated

Named 100 Top Trial Lawyers in the United States & “Rising Star” in Dallas’s D Magazine

Results Focused

Tried The Largest Healthcare Fraud Case to go to trial in the United States


10 Years Asst. DA & handled federal cases nationwide & represented clients in 53 different counties in Texas


Connected with a team of specialists that can handle any criminal issue throughout the country – no matter the size

Heath started his career as a law clerk to U.S. Attorney James A. Rolfe before deciding to join the government as a prosecutor himself. Heath spent more than a decade as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County.

Heath understands that for professionals, criminal exposure means not just risking freedom, but also possibly losing a license and livelihood. No situation is too hopeless and no case is too complex.

In trying thousands of cases, Heath believes that prevailing in court is defined by persuading. Peers and clients alike admire Heath’s ability to convert complicated topics into simple, memorable bullet points.

When You Hire Heath Hyde, You Have the Nation’s Most Experienced Team of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Consultants on Your Defense Team.

Heath Hyde has a Network of Defense Attorneys Who Represent Clients Nationwide

Founded in Texas by federal defense attorney Heath Hyde, Heath has a network of highly-experienced attorneys and legal professionals who work collaboratively to defend clients across the United States in high-stakes federal matters. 

This network includes several former federal prosecutors, including former U.S. Attorneys, former Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and former U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) trial lawyers who collectively have centuries of combined experience on both sides of federal investigations, trials, and appeals.

Our Nationwide Network

Heath Hyde’s headquarters are located in Sulphur Springs, Texas, and the firm has a staffed office in Dallas, TX. The firm also has unstaffed locations in major cities across the country where in-person meetings are available by appointment. 

Our attorneys also routinely meet with prospective and existing clients at their offices and facilities, and our client list includes individuals and businesses in 40 states and counting. Whether through our attorneys’ federal bar admissions or affiliations with Local Counsel, we are able to represent clients in all federal jurisdictions nationwide.

Our team is always with you even after the outcome, to make sure you settle in and lead a comfortable life.

Our Services

Heath Hyde is a federal defense, litigation, and compliance law firm. Occasionally in connection with carefully selected but fully independent local counsel and consultants located across the United States, our firm represents individual and corporate clients in federal trials, federal investigations, federal law cases, multi-state audits and investigations, federal jurisdiction, federal litigation matters, and international law. 

This collaboration allows the Firm’s clients to benefit from the added experience of former DOJ officials, former federal prosecutors, former FBI agents, and former Department of Justice trial lawyers who collectively have centuries of combined experience on both sides of federal investigations, trials, and appeals. The Firm maintains offices in Dallas and Dallas only.